Funday With My Family

Awesome group of people – GOC staff and family members

On Saturday the 12th of July the GOC hosted a Family fun day for all our families. It was an amazing day as we all got together for some food,laughter, fun and games. This was a time to celebrate the people in our lives that support us everyday so we are able to come to work and perform our specific roles in order to deliver the 2015 Pacific Games.This was a day to remind them that they are a very important part of the 2015 Pacific Games. As for me, all these people are my family. I am honored to have such a wonderful group of people as my family. I guess that makes my family the biggest in the world. 😀 What a great day! I had a wonderful time meeting and playing with the kids. Always a pleasure seeing the kids smile every time I come out to play. Most of you would know, or if you didnt know, I love to dance. I have a few good moves up my feathers that always gets the crowd going. You can watch me bust a move to Jokema’s Song ‘Jiks Ambe’. It was a hit! hehe Every one had a great time, the food was great and the company was great!Thank You my GOC Family for a wonderful time 😀

Till next time…take care!

Tura –
Official Mascot 2015 XV Pacific Games


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