Hi there,

My Name is Tura The Kokomo, and I am the Official Mascot for the Port Moresby 2015 XV Pacific Games. In case you’re wondering what ‘Tura” Means, Tura mean’s ‘Friend’ in the Motu Language. The Motu people are the indigenous people of Port Moresby, Central Province. although, there are other languages in Papua New Guinea where my name has a similar meaning to ‘friend’. So its only fitting that my name mean’s Friend because the Pacific Games is all about celebrating Friendship and Unity among the Pacific Island Nations.  Oh and did I mention, I am a Papuan Horn-bill, a species native to Papua New Guinea. So I am very unique, Isn’t that exciting?

And Did you know? The person who designed me, is little Taka Segori. He’s a 10 year old, year 3 student from Tubuserea Primary School in the Central Province. I’ll show you pictures of him later, but his father was the designer of My old friend ‘Kapul’ from the 1991 South Pacific Games. What a great legacy for the father and son!

Anyway, you will learn more about me as time goes by, I have a very huge task and I am a very, very busy bird and famous too. So I will have so many stories to share with you. If you have any stories to share with me, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or send me a note. I would love to hear from you.



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