Western Highlands Province Tour


Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province is spectacular. Have you seen the Hagen Market? WOW! It was amazing seeing the wide variety of Fresh fruit and vegetables I’ve ever seen. I wished I lived here, but visiting is just as great. I spent four days in Western Highlands as part of my Country Tour. I visited a couple of schools in and around Hagen and Tambul Nebilya District. With School kids it’s always exciting. They know what the Pacific Games is all about, and know who I am before I come out to meet them.  It’s a privilege and honour for me to meet and entertain these local kids, as they don’t always get a visitor like me come to their school all the time. If anything, they may never again. The last time we had the Pacific Games Come to PNG was in 1991 and that was a while ago. In a way they know it’s an historical visit, one they can tell their kids about later on in life. What makes it these visits to the outside centres special is that it makes them feel part of the Pacific Games. This is not something just for Port Moresby Residents, but for the whole country, and that’s why they must feel a part of it. I’m glad my trip around the country is able to connect everyone in some way to the Games experience.

Now, our Games Sponsor family is the best bunch of people, I mean, they make this all happen for me so for every province I visit, I make sure I do a stop at their branches to say ‘hi’ to them.  In Hagen they got together and took me around town in a motorcade of Vehicles.  I could tell some people recognised me while others wondered who I was and what I was doing. Guess I have to remember, I am a big bird that can walk, dance and do all kinds of things so of course some people would react that way if they’ve never heard of me. But it’s always great to put a smile of their faces when I wave and dance for them. Hagen was another memorable trip. Now I continue onto Jiwaka and Simbu Provinces for this leg of the journey.




IMG_3836  IMG_3823


IMG_3743   IMG_3688










IMG_2514    IMG_3951


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