The Last Frontier – Enga Province

At Lake Surinki – Enga Province

Enga, the last Frontier I was told by many friends, the people are fierce,  warrior like, and be careful not to piss them off they said. Well, that scared me at first. I was this big bird; I could easily be caught and made into a hearty warrior’s meal. Kid you not, as scared as I was I had a job to do and if it meant having to face my fears to get it done then it had to done.  So in August I made the trip to the Enga, it was my first Highlands Province and as fluffy as I am I was freezing!  You have to understand, I am a Papuan Hornbill, and that means the warmer coastal climate is my natural habitat. But I braved the cold, put my fears aside and journeyed to Enga. The Drive was amazing, the scenery, and vegetation breathtakingly beautiful! The next few days in Enga were great!  It was nothing like what I was told.

I had a quick meet up with the Governor of Enga Province Mr Peter Ipatas to discuss the business end of my visit. That was to propose to him and his government to take ownership of the Games relay and live sites during the Games so everyone in Enga can enjoy and be part of the Games. This is the proposal I’m taking across the country to present to all other governors and administrators.

Tura meets Enga Governor
with the Governor for Enga Province – Hon. Peter Ipatas

After the meeting with the Governor, I headed out to town, and also to two other districts, Wapenamanda and Liaigam to meet with excited local school kids. I also met with staff of the local Bank South Pacific Branch in Wabag town, BSP is the Games official Sponsor so I have to do a courtesy to call to them and they are everywhere I go, which is great to see.  As usual, business stops for a few minutes for a photo session with me because everyone wants a photo with me. hehe

The best part of the trip was being part of the Enga Cultural Show in which I was a Guest of Honour.  It was grand! I stood at back of a moving vehicle and went through town before entering the Show Grounds to meet with thousands of people from all over the country including tourist who had come to watch the show.  This was the first ever cultural show I have ever attended, it was amazing! The experience in Enga is unforgettable. I saw Lots of friendly faces, smiles and many people always willing to give a helping hand when I needed one or some, evident in the number of volunteers for my entourage hehe. Enga was an great and I hope to visit again someday soon.

BSP Branch Wabag
Enga Teachers Collage
Engan Women Singsing Group
Wapenamanda International School
Wapenamanda Primary School
At Wakumale with a Team of Volunteer Tura Troops
Students of Saint Pauls Lutheran Secondary SChool
Saint Pauls Lutheran Secondary SChool


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