My Visit to City Mission

the boys take a group photo with Games CEO Peter Stewart and Myself

I had the privilege to visit and learn a a lot about a great organisation doing great things for Papua New Guineans in need. CITY MISSION, A non-profit organisation dedicated to spreading the love of God and meeting human needs to all, across PNG. City Mission has been providing range of services from counselling, rehabilitation, medical assistance, vocational and agricultural skills, food and clothing, crisis centre and they provide a safe place for women and children who are victims of violence and abuse Such as Haus Ruth. 

So On Friday, Myself and my bosses, 2015 Pacific Games CEO Peter Stewart and Marketing Executive Manager, ken Siminji visited one of City Missions centres in Port Moresby, The New Life Skills Training Centre Farm,  located by Mirigeda, about 20 minutes east of Port Moresby on the Maggi Highway. The training centre is home to over 100 young men between the ages of 16 and 23. The New Life Training Centre is a rehabilitation program that offers young men an opportunity at life. The majority of young men within their program are straight off the streets of Port Moresby. In this society, young men from the settlements or streets are viewed as useless rascals, but City Mission’s goal is to provide these young men the opportunity to change. I was amazed at how self-sufficient the boys were. They planted their own vegies, raised their own poultry, cooked and cleaned. The boys also make creative things out of scrap metal. They screen print shirts, they learn so many valuable skills, so when they go back out into society, they can make themselves useful. I was so touched my their stories and effort they put into to make themselves better.

Here are some pictures of from Tura’s visit.

Till next time…take care!

Tura –
Official Mascot 2015 XV Pacific Games

With Some of the boys
The boys gathered for a briefing before they go off to do their daily chores


the Poultry Farm
The Boys Grow their own vegetables at the farm


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